Community and Fellowship

Come to our monthly Meetups where we will meet and discuss topical areas, listen to expert speakers and compare notes with each other over light refreshments.

Our Events

We'll have quarterly events to allow our children to explore their sensory and intellectual beings.  Everyone in the group will have input and we'll seek out partners that will provide us safe environments.

Our Experts and Resources

We will provide access to and information on wonderful programs and organizations like ASD Nest, Autism Speaks, Autism Early Enrichment Services, Proud Moments, Achilles Kids, Meeting House, SNACK and so many more. We will help families to navigate the waters of the Board of Ed and our school systems where our children have a legal right to a good education including special ed needs.

Next Steps...

Please Join our Meetup Group and/or visit our web site for the next group event. And ALWAYS, ALWAYS, reach out to us with SUGGESTIONS, IDEAS and LOVE about your children and each other.