Our Inaugural Event and beyond

We Are Not Alone

Families with autistic children face a variety of unique challenges, often leaving little time for fun, togetherness and learning from others who share this journey how they have learned to make the most of all that life in New York City has to offer.

Our goal is to bring the wonderful members of our community together and thanks to those joined us on Sunday, November 19th for an afternoon of fun, games, fellowship and entertainment at our inaugural Autism Family Gathering!

We had our second Autism Community Gathering on April 18th and made some wonderful memories! Check our gallery!

Our Next Event

June 16th at Immanuel Lutheran Church and Central Park!

Our next event will be on June 16th, 2018. We hope you will join us!


**Stay Tuned for our upcoming announcement for our first monthly Meetup Group meeting. Happy Holidays to all!***