We're the NYC Autism Community !

Families with autistic children face a variety of unique challenges, often leaving little time for fun, togetherness and learning from others who share this journey how they have learned to make the most of all that life in New York City has to offer.

Our goal is to bring the wonderful members of our community together for events and monthly community meetings where actual members of the autism community speak and share their experiences first hand so we can all learn from them.

Join us for our next event with more fellowship and community, joined by various types of holistic, dietary and other autism angels for an afternoon of fun, camaraderie and good food! More to come!

We support holistic treatment and coping strategies with essential oils.


Since 2016

Lives on the Spectrum Interviews Us!

Recently we were interviewed by David Ogbeide the co-founder of Lives on the Spectrum, a YouTube channel devoted to interviewing people on the spectrum and their loved ones and parents.

On February 20th, David and his partner Ruth graciously interviewed Richard and Katarina from the NYC Autism Community! David's belief is that there is much to learn directly from people on the spectrum when much information on autism that is disseminated is by neurotypicals who mean well but there is no better source than an authentic voice! We totally agree! Listening to Katarina share her views is both refreshing and insightful.

Click here to view the entire interview!

Please check out David's YouTube channel and follow it!!

Richard and Katarina interviewed!


Our Mission

Through our New Autism Tech, Innovation and Careers Expos, or goal is is to bring as much holistic, cutting edge and new solutions to the families with members on the Autism Spectrum as affordably and accessibly as possible. We will also host discussion on neurodiversity employment, where it is, where it is going and hope for the future.

We will be creating an on line registry or our vendor/exhibitor population and support them in creating a community where they can help each other, accelerate their businesses and the all-important reach to our families.

This is our mission. If you would like to join us, as a Sponsor, an Exhibitor or anyone, please reach out via our Contact Page.

We're planning on bringing our Expo to many markets in the US and beyond. Coming soon to a city near you.  It is time to rally behind us to make real change in the world in giving our brothers and sisters on the spectrum a world that embraces them and where they flourish.

Thank you and thank you for all you do in the space of autism advocacy.

Richard Schreiber Founder

NYC Autism Community Group LLC

come to our virtual Autism Support and Innovation Summit event on july 30th at 1pm to 4pm!

Our virtual summit promises to deliver what you have not heard before on autism supports and the changing climate towards solutions in the space that are leaning more towards holistic, alternative and tech/innovation. Please join us and our amazing group of speakers and panel on neurodiversity in the workforce.

Virtual Conference Jule 30th