List of Social Programs for Spectrum Children *

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Autism After School And Social Services Programs


Jackie Ceonzo

Executive Director

316 E 53rd Street

New York, NY 10022



The Meeting House 

Jacklyn Covell ,  Clinical Director

(201) 745-1576 Mobile or

(917) 951-1507 Mobile  

Wednesday between 3:45 and 5:00 PM. Meeting House operates out of the Parkside School which is located at 48 west 74th Street.

Philip Adikimenakis, MS, RBT

Staff & Family Resource Coordinator


Kidz Choice Services, Inc.

2035 Ralph Avenue – Suite A1

Brooklyn, NY 11234

Office: (718)-209-KIDZ

Fax: (718)-360-KIDZ


Mission: Kid Success

(NJ Non Profit offering scholarships to underprivileged families and students on the spectrum to various holistic treatment centers including Brain Balance)

Proud Moments  (Proud Sponsor of the NYC Autism Community)

The Proud Moments ABA family is committed to providing support, education, and continued advancement for our professional team. They provide at home after school sessions.

1449 37th Street,
Brooklyn, New York 11218
Tel. 1.877.PMT.ABA1

General Activities

BOOST! Program at JCC

The JCC Manhattan has great resources! Also, you can have many of these activities funded through insurance or OPWDD – you can speak with the social worker at your child’s school to get more information about all of this. 

East side social (in Midtown Manhattan)  

o   BCBA’s on staff to facilitate social groups

o   Activity based peer buddies

o   Has a rotation of activities to participate in

FLY Center NYC (uptown)   

o   Social skills group

o   His age would probably be the Robin group

Evolved Education Company – has social programs 

92Y–has gymnastics and swim

Running Group

Achilles Kids

o   Running coach to build stamina and runs with them

o   Races/workouts on Saturday mornings 9:30AM to 12:30 PM runs in Central Park

o   Also has a free afterschool program

Soccer Group:

Super Soccer Stars – weekends and after school   

Manhattan Behavioral Center— I believe they have soccer but if not super soccer stars has various groups throughout the city  – the small class is called the “Shine” program

Martial arts

Kicking the spectrum

Art Therapy Groups

Arts RX at the 14th Street Y

Brooklyn Autism Center

Manhattan Youth After School Program ( for select elementary and middle schools in Manhattan)

(contact them to see if the classes are available ala carte to students going to non participating schools)

*  Provided by Autism Expert Beth Pilchik and we are grateful for Beth sharing her list with us.