Our Approach

Our Approach

We want to create a space where families with autistic children can come to an event with their kids and speak openly with other like parents and exchange ideas and experiences. Families can also have access to expert resources and talk about some of the issues they are facing so they don’t have to feel alone. But most importantly, we learn more about our autistic children by speaking to other autistic people and children in the community.

We aim to help families celebrate their autistic children for their uniqueness and for being different hosting events, indoors and outdoors with safe events that inspire their children and help them to bond with other children just like them.

Our Story

Our Story

NYC Autism Community was formed by a father of an 16 year old autistic child and a special needs expert that really care about creating a lasting community to make a difference in our children on the spectrum and to empower their parents to help navigate the waters and enjoy the ride.

Meet the Team

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Co Founder Richard Schreiber

Richard A Schreiber

C0-Founder & Chief Wellness Officer

A career Business Process Consultant and Software Product and Project Manager whose life was enriched and turned into a wonderous purpose by his inspiring, amazing, 11 year old daughter Katarina Schreiber, the Chairman of the Board!

Richard is committed to creating connection with families and to assist them in navigating the challenging waters in raising an autistic child.


Melissa Fanny Handman

Co-Founder & Chief Happiness Officer

Melissa is a wonderful one-on-one caregiver who wants to bring her distinct vision of working with special needs children to families and children in need.

Melissa has a vast network of contacts and autism providers and care givers who like her are committed to our children.

kitty kat hat2

Katarina M Schreiber

Chief Creative and Connection Officer

Katarina is a remarkable 16 year old who is my inspiration and my meaning in life. You will come to know and love her as I do at all of our events bringing joy and energy to us all! She is now a talented cartoonist and has a bright future ahead!


Next Steps...

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