A Message from Richard Schreiber:

Our new in person/hybrid Expo date is October 22nd at Art & Design High School!  Tickets for the original May event date will be honored at the new October event date at no additional cost to you.

We are resolute and determined to bringing the best experience for everyone on our new date. Our mission to bring holistic, tech, innovation and discussion around careers and employment for autistic family members is everything to us. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you in September!

Anyone wishing a refund please reply to this email and we will accomomodate you. We will grandfather everyone in at the same price/tier for the rescheduled event so the pricing is guaranteed.

We will be in touch in the coming months through our social media and ASPIRE expo site. Godspeed to all.

Richard Schreiber and the NYC Autism Community Group Expo Team.


Our Mission

Through our New Autism Tech, Innovation and Careers Expos is to bring as much holistic, cutting edge and new solutions to the families with members on the Autism Spectrum as affordably and accessibly as possible.  We will still have free admission for families to the Exhibitors for our new expo date!

We are creating an on line registry or our vendor/exhibitor and speakers and support them in creating a community where they can help each other, accelerate and grow their businesses. This way, as many families as possible get served by our growing community.

This is our mission. If you would like to join us, as a Sponsor, an Exhibitor or anyone, please reach out via our Contact Page.

We're planning on bringing our Expo to many markets in the US and beyond. Coming soon to a city near you.  It is time to rally behind us to make real change in the world in giving our brothers and sisters on the spectrum a world that embraces them and where they flourish.

Thank you and thank you for all you do in the space of autism advocacy. We're starting in the City I was born in and love, where I've raised my family and where my extended family calls home, New York City, the greatest city in the world. Welcome!!!

Richard Schreiber Founder

NYC Autism Community Group LLC

Group of People with differing personalities

First of all, I want to say to all exhibitors and potential sponsors that you are doing amazing things, and really wanted to reach out to you. In partnership with NYC Autism Community group - I am assisting the organizing of the NYC Tech, Innovation, and career expo. It is on May 7 2022 at the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan.

We want attendees to see the incredible resources that autistic people, their families, and caregivers can avail of - that are innovative, disruptive, and most importantly - can easy access to! We want to offer good people, the opportunity to showcase themselves, and their products/services at our event. Where you can have your ideal audience see how you can help/support them.

For the exhibitors, we have secured a premium venue in the High School of Art and Design - where there will be an exhibitor hall, as well as the opportunity to speak.

  We would love you to be part of this event, and if you have any questions. Please let me know at info@nycautismcommunity.org

We will have:

  1. Speakers on Autism Tech, Innovation and Careers throughout the day (auditorium) and demos of their amazing apps and services
  2. Exhibitors with mobile apps, VR/AR, offering innovative autism services and support to meet with parents and care givers across tables (cafeteria)
  3. Intimate setting VR/AR rooms where children and young adults can wear VR headsets to experience VR environments for eLearning and esports games.
  4. Conversations and panel discussions on how we can encourage autistic your adults to engage in the corporate workforce. 

We want to showcase corporations or a company, nonprofit or service  as our partner in bringing meaningful solutions to families with children and young adults on the autism spectrum. We’re seeking sponsors, speakers and exhibitors.

We are also looking to create change in the workplace for autistic adults. 80% of autistic adults with a college degree are unemployed. This is one of the most prevailing challenges we must disrupt. Change is our goal.

This event’s success will enable us to bring this event to NYC annually as well as other markets in the US and beyond.

The High School of Art and Design in Manhattan are the perfect host for our event ! It is an incredible school with amazing, state of the art facilities, and incredible, progressive leadership. My daughter proudly goes to school there.

Thank you

For more information please reach out to:

Richard Schreiber, info@nycautismcommunity. 917-969-9271

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Exhibitors and Sponsors


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