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Supports and guidance for autistic young people and families are often expensive, out of reach, and can even cause more harm than good.

We want to showcase to you, with a variety of speakers, exhibitors, vendors, and demonstrations - that modern tech and innovation can support autistic young people to accept themselves - and families to embrace their autistic young people more authentically and affordably.

A key goal of our event - is to provide a direct access to autism inclusive employers, where they can build careers in a field that they love. The unemployment rate for autistic young adults is around 84% - we want to play our part to drastically improve that with our event. We are also creating an eco system and community with our exhibitor/sponsorship partners so they can accelerate their businesses working together through our network.

We are proud to ally with the Autism Today Foundation who are doing some amazing things in the space of autism advocacy and media for, about and by people on the autism spectrum.

There will be speakers and workshops throughout the day.

Our Keynote Speaker is Jude Morrow - Autistic author, motivational speaker, 2x TEDx Speaker, and Founder of Neurodiversity Training International.

Headline Speaker - Celest Austin MD - Founder of GoManda - a tech inspired app that helps autistic children learn and communicate in their already wonderful autistic way. GoManda is a our proud key event sponsor.

Headline Speaker - Natalia Lyckowski from IBM.  A thought leader and keynote speaker in neurodiversity hiring and employment at IBM and beyond. Nat represents the voice for all autistic adults seeking employment and acceptance and support at their employers, a shift that has to happen and will thanks to torch bearers like Nat.

Other Notable Speakers include:

Hugh Zaretsky. Coming from three generations of teachers he understands how we need to improve our traditional educational system. Hugh wants to help teach kids from a young age to learn financial and personal responsibility for their lives.

Manisha Lad. Creator of the Akhil Autism Foundation after her son and an extraordinary entrepreneur creating real change in autism services. “Every autistic individual deserves treatment, and every parent and professionals needs education. Make all the treatments affordable and accessible to every individual.” is her mantra.

Lauren Pearson. Lauren is a high school senior from Ontario, Canada. She is also a teen author, who is passionate about neuroscience and neurodiversity. Due to her own experiences with having ADHD and Autism, she aspires to end the implicit gender gap among neurodiverse females. She created "DiverseNeuro" to increase academic efforts surrounding neurodiversity.

There will be expert panels to discuss:

  1. Neurodiversity employment and job matching for young adults with autism headed by Jeff Miller of Potentia.
  2. Technology supports for children and young adults with autism
  3. Allies/advocates--how do we best support our children and young adults with autism, beginning with our own mindset and necessary planning

In person attendee tickets include access to the online virtual event platform hosted on Aspire.

Online tickets contain the keynote speeches, online discussion boards, networking opportunities and the catalogue of exhibitors.

For Vendors/Exhibitors- Do you want to showcase your innovations to your ideal audience? When purchasing an in-person vendor space - this includes space in the online platform catalogue complete with links. Should you not wish to exhibit at the actual event, please purchase an "online exhibitor" ticket.

For any event contact or information including for vendor/exhibitors please email Richard Schreiber at rschreiber@nycautismcommunity.org

Our Exhibitors

Our Featured Exhibitors Include:

* Mission Kid Success

* doTERRA Organic Essential Oils

* Potentia

* Akhil Foundation

* The Art Detectives

* Florio

* Navigate VR

* Painter Mark Joseph Liggio

* Destined Adventures

* Tri State Area Brain Balance Centers

* Nicholas Center

* Neuro Motif Music

* Certified Financial Services

* zPods

* Trance4Mation Games

* 4xxi

* PeerKnect

* Exceptional Needs Magazine

* Fairy Godmother

* Nourish Our Kids

* Untold Play


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