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Group of diverse teenagers coming together
Group of diverse teenagers coming together
Embrace the spirit of Ubuntu!
Embrace the spirit of Ubuntu!
What would diversity look like in a board game experience?
What would diversity look like in a board game experience?

Our Vision--is to end hatred and racism in the world through understanding of cultural diversity and the differences in how we see things. We do this by asking questions--becoming inquisitive about those different from us and discovering why/how,  to build empathy and joy in our connections together.  And to do it in a fun, multimedia, educational way that feels good! 

We've created a Board Game with an integrated mobile app and DVR capability to share the experience among today's youth, producing a new era of diverse and unbiased leaders.

Why the Game, What are we trying to do?

Raising consciousness, awareness and acceptance throughout the world for children and young adults with Autism, Asperger's, and other neuro challenges.

Bridging communication gaps through diversity learning, communication, empathy = bridging awareness.

Ubuntu Game Board
Ubuntu Game Board

How the Ubuntu Game is Played

Players traverse the board using mini cultural icons by rolling a die. They land on spaces that trigger questions and conversations in six categories that matter, including diversity, connection, understanding our differences, our similarities, controversial topics and fun facts.   A mobile app is used to add context, enlightenment or information to kindle the conversation. Players can play as individuals, as pairs or teams.

Additionally, players will get to role play as "Avatars" and see themselves, literally, through a DVR experience, as someone from another culture, creed or place in life. 

Players will also participate in activities, one on one or with the group, solving riddles about society and diversity, work collaboratively towards a common goal or even just have fun pitching in together to make a recipe!

The game is over when every player reaches the end of the board. The player, pair or team with the highest score wins. Winner get to spin the "Breakthrough" wheel landing on various options to explain what's changed in their perceptions and what actions they will take. 


Below are the Six Categories in the Game and some sample Questions followed by our three Wild Card Activities!

Getting to Know You

- Between the invisibility cloak and the power to stop time, which one will you choose and why?
- How will you describe the stars to a blind person?
- If you were deaf, how will you dance to the tune of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream?


- What are the personal stuff you can post on social media that will not be bordering to oversharing?
- What would you do if you knew someone selling and eating recycled landfill meat or “pagpag”?
- 750M women and girls alive today were married before their 18th birthday. What might be the effects of child, early and sometimes forced marriage to these women and girls?


- What religion do you most closely associate with, least likely associate with and why?
- What would you do if you knew someone for their religious beliefs were doing something you considered objectionable or that you did not understand?
- Less and less people of your age are going to church, synagogue, mosques or other places of worship today. Why do suspect that is and what is your personal experience?

Viva La Difference!

- What is one thing that's different about you than any body else? Why is that important to you? 
- What have you been taught growing up about people that are different, such as neuro diversity different (like someone with Autism)? (AVATAR MOMENT: Experience what it is to be someone on the Autism Spectrum! Don the VR!)
Why do you think law enforcement generally reacts differently towards people of color vs. Caucasian people? What can we do to change that? 

Teens Alike!

- What is it like being a teen ager today and seeing/hearing so much in the news and in social media about the state of the world today? What resonates most with you? 
- How would you open a conversation with a teen from a different culture, religion or language? How would that make you feel? 
- Teen agers today are bombarded with more information today than any other generation. How do you stay connected best with other teens? 

Fun Facts!

- Boys are more likely to be diagnosed with Autism nearly 5 to 1 over girls. Why do you think that is? 
- If the world converted 50% of its farms to a sustainable model vs. a chemical model, we could solve Global Warming? It sounds so easy. Is it? Why/Why not?
- Are asteroids really a threat to the world? An asteroid several miles in diameter that struck earth hundreds of millions of years ago was the likely cause of the extinction of dinosaurs. Do you think humans will suffer the same fate?

Game Activities and Quests

Accessed through the Wild Card spaces!

Diversity Time!

In your classroom or neighborhood, find 1x Chinese person; 1x White person; 1x Black person; 1x Indian person; 1x Mixed Race/ Colored person - Ask them one question that would be of interest to you ... and, in turn, ask them to ask you one question in return. In this way you will get to know each other so much better

Debate for Fun!

Pick a partner. You will debate Global Warming. One of you will make arguments for the effects of Global Warming, while the other will debate the science and maintain Global Warming doesn't exist.

Collaborative Activity!

Charades: The player who draws the card will be the actor. He/She has five seconds to examine the word. He/She chooses another player from the group as the guesser. The actor has 3 minutes to act out the word to the guesser.

The timer is then turned and the actor makes gestures to act out the word. Only “acting out” words or pantomiming similar sounding words are allowed. No words. No lip movements. No pointing at objects in the room.

The guesser may ask the actor questions to which the actor may nod. Acting out and guessing continues until the word is identified or until time is up.

Ready to find out more?

You can Email us at: richards@ubuntuinitiative.com or go to ubuntugame.com



Team Ubuntu

Richard Schreiber CIO
Richard Schreiber CIO
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Jennifer Nuya Chief Enablement Officer